Vikart Auction House – 2019

In order to develop a strong but also contemporary Visual Identity, we started out by choosing a serif font for the Wordmark. We found a stencil version of the Butler font which also brings the idea of street art in question, thus making the logo a contemporary one. We decided to end the logotype with a dot that brings the reader’s attention to the “art” part of the brand’s name. Spelling the letter “a” in the lower case helps highlight it even better.
The Wordmark is followed by a Sans-Serif Tag line, stating the nature of the brand’s activity. We deliberately did not include any visual elements like gavels as they would have easily been out of fashion in a short time.

VIKART is a contemporary art auction house with a modern approach to the Romanian art market.
Some of the most important points of differentiation from the rest of the profile business are VIKART’s focus on modern and contemporary art and the vast experience in the field it addresses.
VIKART differs from traditional auction houses in terms of accessibility and transparency: the relationship between the auction house and the customer will thus be one based on trust, before purchase. Through the selection of postmodern and contemporary works of art, VIKART emphasizes the dynamic, constantly moving and evolving nature of the work of art and the creative process, offering customers the experience of purchasing valuables (both financial and emotional).

The main identity is made out of a simple black and white image.

The complementary color palette we chose is a soft toned one, suited to the vivid colors of contemporary Romanian painters. This way, the visual materials can be tuned to the artist’s work without taking the attention away from it.

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