This year Dizainăr, the Romanian design shop, participated for the 5th time in the most prestigious Romanian Furniture exhibition, BIFE-SIM (Bucharest International Furniture Exhibition – Salonul International de Mobila).
Our creative team, the DZNR Design Studio decided therefore to exhibit the products in 4 huge mood-board-like interiors. The colors we decided upon are the colors of Dizainăr’s logo: Magenta, Mint Green, Sunny Yellow and Warm Cyan. Bringing all these strong colors together provided both a strong visual impact for the fair’s visitors as also a perfect background for the objects to be exhibited in the 3m x 3m wooden boxes.
The material for the 4 boxes was provided by Kronospan, Dizainăr’s main partner for this event.



Can be both a warm and a cold color, depending on the light. We decided we wanted it to be a neutral interior containing walnut and ash wood furniture, concrete lamps and red metal hangers.

Sunny Yellow


It is sunny and it was the most photographed interior by our visitors. The objects we decided to exhibit here are mainly made out of oak wood combined with black-colored metal. Light is provided by a large paper-mache white candelabrum and a smaller yellow one in the front left corner.

Mint Green


We really enjoyed combining warm oak wood with the cool color of green mint. A special light is provided by the white / gold paper mache cupola, and the lightbulb filled R letter which shed a really warm light on the entire interior.

Warm Cyan

Is the most eclectic interior we designed. Even though it has a retro air to it, we combined both a bathroom set and some simple light plywood furniture which one usually uses in a waiting room or a hallway. The piece that brings all together is a small rug featuring reinterpreted Romanian traditional graphic motifs. Even though the color is a cold one, most of our visitors found this room to be very warm and enjoyed having meetings and a coffee while testing the furniture we exhibited here.

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