When a young couple – any young couple – moves in together, the space they own has to accommodate 2 lives that were previously separated. As romantic as it may sound, the hard facts are that it takes an awful lot of adjusting to each other and there’s a lot of learning going on.  and are still learning from one another. More often than not, a lot of squabbling also happens because…storage is not enough. Or because seating is not enough. Or because there’s not enough color.
This particular studio was designed to address these main two issues – storage and seating – so that the couple has more important things to argue about. Like what restaurant to pick for date night.  Last but not least, we included a generous amount of illustrations, to balance the color. We don’t have to argue the psychological benefits of color and the optimism it encourages but color is important for having a joyful life. And nobody needs a lot of white and grey at the beginning of their life together.
Design by Marilena Popa, Mihnea Ghilduș
Photo: Mihai Georgiadi | ID Multimedia


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