GOOD WINE 2016
As you browse our portfolio, you might notice a slight aversion to tedious booths. Vincon needed to stand out in a rather standardized world, not entirely open to experimenting, so we found a way around standard.
Wine and cognac are served in elegant environments, as expressions of status and joie de vivre, but nowhere does it say anything about the ambiance needed to serve a good wine or a divine cognac. So for this one, we reinterpreted elegance, and took it from the thick&heavy stereotype to the airy&relaxing atmosphere one would normally prefer to enjoy these beverages. We insinuated the general look and feel of a living room and a kitchen, the two places where friends gather to enjoy some time together, and turned them into a welcoming and memorable booth. All while keeping a red thread of understated elegance.

Design by Mihnea Ghilduș, Raul Cadar, Magda Traciu
Photo: Mihnea Ghilduș


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