Notice how this living space has the general feel of a creation crib? Oh, and did you notice how the Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling like notes on a scale? This space was designed for the seasoned couple who not only share a common passion for music and rhythm but 2 new lives of their own creation – a teenage boy and girl. When designing for families with teenagers, one must always take into account that

a) parents would love to see a calm environment, something familiar and pleasant to go back to and

b) the children would like to see a space that represents them entirely. As we had no way of guessing what makes the children who they are (now or ever), their rooms  are flexible canvases, as we like to call them. They can be rearranged, re-colored and re-imagined without giving up furniture.


Design by Marilena Popa, Mihnea Ghilduș

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