Romanian Design Yard Sale – 2018

Romanian Design Yard Sale was an event presented by Dizainăr concept-store and Ubikubi.
Just as no one is perfect, design products don’t always go out of production all perfect. Dizainăr & Ubikubi decided to give these one more chance and for one day to showcase them with a great discount compared to their super-perfect brothers.

Event Description:

Even if your left eye is 1mm bigger than the right one, it did not stop you from enjoying the beauty of the landscape of your last vacation. The same happens with design objects. Not all are identical, not all of them are as big or as colorful and because of these imperfections, we do not normally showcase them. Now, for the Romanian Design Yard Sale, we have decided to give them a chance and see if these small imperfections are so important. And if the uniqueness of the objects does not convince you to fall in love with them, then maybe the sale price will help you adopt a Romanian design object that feels alone among its super-perfect brothers.

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