#MasaBuhnici – 2019


#MasaBuhnici by DZNR Studio
A massive wooden desk that is remarkable through design and best finishes, with special connectivity features included such as USB sockets, 220V sockets, UTP plugs, etc.

The table was created to be used by George Buhnici in the filming studio and meets the needs of a contemporary office adapted to the electronic lifestyle. The project #MasaBuhnici started following the idea of George Buhnici, one of the most known and respected technology vloggers in Romania, to have an unusual table for presenting the technological products from his broadcasts.
Taking into account the legacy of the Romanian woodworking craftsmanship and George’s love for wood, DZNR.ro studio designed the #MasaBuhnici to be made from solid oak wood panels combined with dovetail joints. The product was perfectly executed by Ciprian Manda, a successful architect and a great admirer of solid wood.

“Our wish was to design #MasaBuhnici as a central object of the filming studio that presents the latest technologies in a natural atmosphere, which denotes quality, inspired choices and craftsmanship – in this case joining the tradition of woodworking and the benefits of modern life. It is a contrast between tradition and modernity, a balance that our psyche needs to work best. ” – Mihnea Ghilduş, designer and founder of DZNR.ro.

Design: Mihnea Ghilduș
Manufacturing + technical project: Ciprian Manda

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