Royal Grill By Lidl @ Electric Castle 2017

Royal Grill By Lidl @ Electric Castle 2017

DZNR Design Studio was contacted in 2017 by the Electric Castle Music Festival and Lidl to design a super cool Grill space for the Electric Castle Festival-Goers who wished to do their own grilling on the campground. We found it to be a novel idea and got behind it immediately. So we designed the Royal Grill ground for Lidl and also helped build it.

The project consists of:

  • 2 Shipping Containers transformed in storage and dining spaces
  • 12x16m Wooden decking
  • Covered pergola for protection against the famous Bonțida rain showers
  • Lots of light bulbs, cables and benches

Materials: Wood, metal, screws, rain cover

Design: Mihnea Ghilduș, Raul Cadar, Magda Traciu

Structure: Ing. Marius Șoftlete

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