E.ON Sports Festival 2019

E.ON Sports Festival 2019

The Energy Lab is a funhouse built to drive brand attachment and rejuvenate the brand perception of E.ON amongst the young crowds. Through partnerships with two major events, Sports Festival & Electric Castle we aim to share E.ON home solutions and values in a fun, active and playful way. Our concept shows a very attractive structure that invites you to explore ways to burn energy and recharge.

The structure is built using layher, includes shipping containers and several other wooden elements and plants for the cosy, green feeling. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe brings childhood pleasures & interactivity together to the outside of the lab, while being very visible from a distance.

On the inside, there’s a world of fun things to explore. From energy burning game like Reborn Bicycle Sprints, to engaging ways of finding out more about home solutions, recharge areas and more.

Design: Raul Cadar, Mihnea Ghilduș

Agency: Overskin

Photo: Vlad Cupșa, Mihnea Ghilduș

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