E.ON Bucharest Tech Week


Bucharest Tech Week


Our concept is aimed at the end user who is interested in having the best and modern services, a young and informed user who is looking for fresh solutions, suited to his/her contemporary lifestyle. Taking a step away from traditional energy suppliers, E.ON offers integrated energy solutions who appeal to this target audience.

The smart house we designed for E.ON is the frame that these solutions need in order to be fully understood. Its general image is the symbol of a house with an angled roof. The exterior shows the E.ON logo on a green wall as well as a very generous entrance. The exterior flows into the interior where the visitor can see the E.ON Smart Home Area and interact with the Smart Home App while controlling the 2 main functions provided by E.ON: Heating and cooling. 

Changing the cooling / heating parameters also has a visual and auditive feedback through the smart lighting and sound solutions thus making the E.ON Smart Home Area a really pleasant space to be in. The mood changes according to all the change-able factors programmed in the app. Additionally, lighting paths direct the user’s attention to the device about to be programmed. A promoter will guide the visitors while they use the system.

Design: Raul Cadar, Mihnea Ghilduș

Agency: Overskin

Construction: Stand Expo

Photo: Miluță Flueraș, Mihnea Ghilduș

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