Coffee Oasis – 2019

Coffee Oasis is a coffee place inside the Electroputere Mall in Craiova. The owners wanted to change the look of the space they occupied, by surrounding it with plants and some custom-made objects that would make a more clear delimitation between the corridor and the space of the coffee shop.
Additionally the bar had to be redesigned and given “a new face”.
The project lasted about 2 months and there were many changes as the Mall’s management had specific desires that had to be taken into consideration, like the height of the entire build or the position of specific elements.
The resulting structure hosts both the serving and a large hidden storage area.
The seating area is encompassed by wooden space dividers that rise only 1,2m above ground and various decorative plants.

DZNR Team:
Mihnea Ghilduș, Raul Cadar

Tukuma Works

Mihnea Ghilduș

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