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Do you remember Hansel and Gretel? The story. Good.

Back in 2013, we were participating in Bife-Sim for the first time and our participation was supposed to be this boom in our communication.  But this was no easy task for a first participation, as 10% of our profits directed to marketing didn’t exactly mean a lot at the time, so we did what we did best. Found a way around standard. Our wood workshop and our designers who were working with wood generated a lot of wood waste – great big heaps of sawdust in varying granulations which were just lying about. We used all of it for the floor. ALL. OF. IT. We were unable to properly signal the space we were in, so the only possible way to have people come in was to “draw a trail” leading right towards our booth. Anyone who was visiting, would gather a bit of sawdust on their shoes and when leaving our booth, would leave a trail of golden sawdust leading right back to Dizainar. We annoyed the organisers and cleaned a lot of carpets, but gained an awful lot back in earned media, customers and love.

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