The Park is a project developed by the Hanner group, a residential complex near the Tineretului Park in Bucharest. Our team was commissioned to make the interior design project for a 3 bedroom apartment with a just 80 sqm interior area. The project had a definite budget, one that would fit any young family wanting to move in the 10th floor apartment we designed.

During this project we used a lot of products made by Romanian Designers, available in the Dizainăr shop. We also developed a special metal structure for the living area. These metal walls have the purpose to visually partition the space, while letting the air and light move freely through the entire living area. The also double as hanging storage areas for your bike, your scooter or your tennis rackets.

The apartment was sold immediately to a young couple who loved it just the way it was designed and wanted to move in as soon as possible.

Interior design: Marilena Popa, Mihnea Ghilduș
Photography: Mihai Georgiadi
Furniture: Dizainar.com

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